12 februari, 2011

Nail art: butterfly

Hello girls!

I decided to post some more in English because I've got some followers who isn't from holland. I am not doing it all the time but I try my hardest :)

Yesterday I was home alone, so I grabbed my nailart-kit and chose some colours. I picked Red and for the stampy's I picked white. First I need to remove my old nailpolish, for that I used Essence nail art polish remover ultra.

My old nailpolish. It's from Essence also and it's from the twins collection.

Essence nail art nail polish remover ultra
Konad scraper

Konad stamp
Essence colour&go plump perfect
Essence special nail art stamp. 02 Stamp me! White.

I used these 2 image plates.
Image plate M20 (I only used the butterfly)
Image plate M57 ( I used the first one of the two stripes)

For the thumb I used the butterfly (of m20)
(I am sorry that it isn't very clean)

Base colour - red plump perfect and with the imageplate m57 I did a sort of french manicure.

And here is the result! What do you think of it? I am very happy with it :)

xoxo Monique'

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh wow! I love it!

    The Flower Girl


  2. Wauw, super mooi! Ik wil echt al super graag image plate 57!!! Maar hij is telkens uit verkocht :(

  3. Leuk Monique! Ook een leuk blog!
    x Dorian


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